How to Calculate Gear Score in Epic Seven (2023)

If you've been playing Epic Seven for a while, or if you watch E7 content creators on Twitch and YouTube, then you've probably heard the term "Gear Score" being thrown around a lot.

Here's a summary of Gear Score (GS) in a nutshell:

  • GS refers to the quality of equipment substat rolls
  • The maximum possible GS is 81 for a Lv. 90 equipment
  • The maximum possible GS is 72 for a Lv. 85 equipment
  • GS doesn't care about the spread of substats, so be sure to keep that in mind.
  • Main stats are not included when calculating Gear Score. Use the formulas below for substats only.

For Lv.85 gear (before reforge):

ATK%+ HP%+ DEF%+ EFF%+ ER% + (CC% × 1.6) + (CD%×1.1) + (SPD×2) + (Flat ATK / 10) + (Flat HP / 50) + (Flat DEF / 6)

For Lv. 88 or Lv.90 gear (after reforge):

ATK%+ HP%+ DEF%+ EFF%+ ER% + (CC%×1.5) + (CD%×1.1) + (SPD× 1.9) + (Flat ATK / 10) + (Flat HP / 50) + (Flat DEF / 6)

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Gear Score (GS) basically tells you how well a piece of equipment rolled.

More specifically, it's a number that represents how close a piece of equipment is to having the highest possible substat value.Higher substat rolls means a higher GS, which implies that the equipment is more valuable and useful.

An epic (red) Lv.90 equipment with a GS of 81 is theoretically "perfect" in terms of maximum substat rolls. On the other hand, an epic Lv.90 equipment with a GS under 50 is below average and probably not worth keeping.

One important thing to note is that Gear Score doesn'ttake into accountthe spread of substats. Equipment with more synergy between substats (e.g. DPS gear with ATK%, CC%, CD%)is often worth more than equipment with high GS but bad substat synergy.

Some players choose to ignore irrelevant substats (e.g EFF% on DPS gear that they plan to use on a hero that doesn't use debuffs). In that case, they just count EFF% stats as 0 when calculating their gear score.

(Video) Gear Score Complete Guide in 3 minutes, Multipliers and Flat stats (Average values) [Epic Seven]

That's up to you and how you plan to use Gear Score to make decisions.

If you're using GS to evaluate how close to perfect your build for a specific hero is, then you might ignore the useless substats. If you're using GS to decide whether to reforge or toss equipment you got from hunts, then it's usually better to count everything objectively.

You'll often hear people talking about Gear Score in different ways, so it's important to understand the context of howit'sused. Here are 3 common scenarios where GS can help you make decisions:

1. Evaluating the quality of reforged Lv.90 gear for different hero builds.

Reference gear score rangesfor Lv.88 and Lv.90 equipment:

  • "Good" GS is 50
  • "Great" GS is 60
  • "Excellent" GS is 70
  • "Perfect" GS is 81

When you hear people talking about how they built a certain hero with 420 GS, that just means they're using 6 pieces of equipment with an averageGS of 70 (6× 70 = 420).

If you're using Gear Score in this context, you'll probably want to ignore any irrelevant stats (like those random rolls into ER%, for example) when calculating it.

2. Deciding whether or not to keep or reforge a piece of Lv.85 (or lower) equipment at +15.

Referencegear scoreranges for Lv.85 equipment:

  • "Good" GS is40
  • "Great" GS is 50
  • "Excellent" GS is 60
  • "Perfect" GS is 72

3. Deciding whether or not to continue upgrading a piece of Lv. 85 (or lower) equipment.

For example, if you upgraded a piece of gear to +9 with 30 GS and you only want equipment with GS over 50, then you don’t need to waste the resources upgrading it to +15.Even with 2 maximum rolls at +12 and +15, the final result can only reach 46 GS.

(Video) [Epic Seven] T&C | How to spot good gear - Gear Scoring & Calculating Stat Rolls

You can use Gear Score to come up with your own rules to help you figure out when to stop upgrading certain equipment. That's totally up to you and what kind of Epic Seven player you are.

Gear Score assigns each substat roll with a maximum value of 8 (for Lv.85 gear) and 9 (for Lv.90 gear). That's why there's two formulas depending on the item level of your gear.

You can compare that value to the maximum possible for fully upgraded epic (red) gear to evaluate how good it is. The maximum GS for Lv.85 gear is 72 (9 possible rolls× 8 max value), and the maximum GS for Lv. 90 gear is 81 (9 possible rolls x 9 max value).

For simplicity, some people just use an approximate formula for both Lv.85 and Lv.90 gear, multiplying CC% by 1.5 and SPD by 2 for both.

That's fine when you just need a quick approximation, but it can result in yourGear Score being a couple points off. If you want to be accurate, then you should calculate Lv.85 and Lv.90 gear differently.

ATK%, HP%, DEF%, EFF%, and ER%

Percent-based substats for Attack, Health, Defense, Effectiveness, and Effect Resistance have a maximum roll of 8% for Lv.85 gear and 9% for Lv.90 gear.

Therefore, you just need to add these up.

CC%, CD%, and SPD

For Lv.85 gear, Critical Hit Chance has a max roll of 5% for Lv.85.To correspond with the GS scale of 8, you multiply CC% by 1.6 before adding it (5%CC × 1.6 = 8 GS).

(Video) EpicSeven GearScore Explanation

Similarly, Critical Hit Damage has a max roll of 7%,soyou multiply CD% by 1.1 before adding it. (7% CD× 1.1 = 8 GS, approximately)

Speed actually has a max roll of 5 for epic Lv.85 gear, but the chance is so small that it's almost negligible. Therefore, when calculating GS we base it on a max roll of 4 and multiply SPD by 2 before adding it (4 SPD× 2 = 8 GS).

ForLv.90 gear, Critical Hit Chance has a max roll of 6%. To correspond with the GS scale of 9, you multiply CC% by 1.5 before adding it (6% CC × 1.5 = 9 GS).

Critical Hit Damage has a max roll of 8% for Lv.90 gear, so you multiply CD% by 1.1 before adding it.

Speed is a bit tricky. After reforging, you get +0 for the base SPD roll, +1 for the 1stSPD roll, +1 for a2nd SPD roll, +1 for a 3rd SPD roll, +1 for a 4th SPD roll, and +0 for a 5th SPD roll. Averaging that out, the expected max SPD value for Lv.90 gear after reforge is approximately 4.7. So to correspond with the GS scale of 9, you multiply SPD by 1.9 before adding it.

For simpler math, some people just multiply SPD by 2 for both Lv.85 and Lv.90 gear, which is fine but you'll just be overvaluing speed gear by a couple of points.

Flat ATK, Flat HP, and Flat DEF

Flat substats are even trickier than speed.

That's because the value of flat substats varies greatly depending on the base stats of the hero you plan to use it on.

(Video) Epic Seven Equipment Guide - A Simple Formula to Rate Your Own Gear [Epic Seven Guides]

For example, 35 defense is equivalent to 7% for a herowith 500 base defense, but only 5% for a herowith 700 base defense.

To make it simpler, we base the GS formula on the median base stats for all of the heroes in Epic Seven:

  • Attack: 1000
  • Health: 5300
  • Defense: 600

To equate Flat ATK to ATK%, we divide by the average base attack of 1000 and multiply by 100 to make it a percentage.

To simplify this when calculating Gear Score, we use:

  • Flat ATK ÷ 10 = ATK% for the average hero. Amax roll of 42 Flat ATK roll is equivalent to around 4% ATK, or 4 GS.
  • Flat HP÷ 50 = HP% for the average hero.A max roll of 202 Flat HP is equivalent to around 4% HP, or 4 GS.
  • And Flat DEF ÷6= DEF for the average hero. A max roll of 35 Flat DEF is equivalent to around 6% DEF, or 6 GS.

If you wanted to be more accurate, you could calculate the GS of flat stats based on a specific hero or class.

For example, Thieves have an average base defense of 473, so a max roll of 35 Flat DEF is around 7%, while Soul Weavers have an average base defense of 672, so a max roll of 35 Flat DEF is only around 5%.

The average base stats corresponding to each class are:

  • Warriors: 1000 ATK, 5542 HP, 583 DEF
  • Knights: 821 ATK, 6289 HP, 648 DEF
  • Thieves: 1081 ATK, 5138 HP, 473 DEF
  • Rangers: 1005 ATK, 5299 HP, 553 DEF
  • Mages: 1159 ATK, 4572 HP, 645 DEF
  • Soul Weaves: 621 ATK, 4900 HP, 672 DEF

If youstruggle to remember the GS formula, or you don't want to do the mental math in your head, here are some online tools you can use.

(Video) ALL-IN-1 Gear Score, Fribbel's, & Gearing Guide August 2022 [Epic Seven]

Some of these tools use slightly different formulas, so the Gear Score values may differ slightly.


How do you count the gear score in Epic 7? ›

To simplify this when calculating Gear Score, we use:

Flat ATK ÷ 10 = ATK% for the average hero. A max roll of 42 Flat ATK roll is equivalent to around 4% ATK, or 4 GS. Flat HP ÷ 50 = HP% for the average hero. A max roll of 202 Flat HP is equivalent to around 4% HP, or 4 GS.

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What does gear score do? ›

Items with higher Gear Scores are more powerful; the higher the Gear Score is, the more damage the weapon will deal and the more protective the armor will be. Items with higher Gear Scores have the potential to drop with more Perks and/or more powerful versions of those Perks.

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Critical Hit Chance the chance of landing Critical Hits. The maximum for this is 100%. Critical Hit Damage is the modifier applied to Critical Hits for bonus damage. Effectiveness is calculated against the enemy's Effect Resistance when applying debuffs.

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Epic Seven is a tactical, role-playing gacha game that allows you to summon heroes ranging from 2 to 5 stars, which you use to battle other characters in adventure mode or other players in PVP. Though the highest grade you can summon is 5 stars, the highest you can achieve is actually 6 stars.

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