Avocado Crib Mattress Review 2023 - A good choice for your baby? (2023)

The Expert Verdict

by Romain R

Avocado presents their luxurious and organic crib mattress for your small loved ones at an affordable price. The mattress aims to bring comfort and quality to an all-new level. It offers dual-sided support suitable for both an infant and a toddler.

The mattress has everything most parents look for in their baby’s mattress. They are among the best high-quality material mattresses, with excellent breathability, dual-firmness, and durable support. As a result, the mattress ranks at the top of parents’ choices.

Avocado Crib Mattress Reviewed

Who Do We Recommend the Mattress For?

We recommend the mattress for those parents who are looking for:

  • A dual firmness choice that can suit both an infant growing baby and the toddler to provide the required firmness and optimal comfort.
  • The parent who is looking for safe and organic sleep as the mattress is fully certified and free of hazardous chemicals.
  • The parent is looking for a high-quality cotton and wool-made mattress with a base of cotton-wrapped coils for safe edge support.
  • Parents who want a 25-year durable mattress warranty with a 100-night free trial.

Avoid the Mattress If?

We recommend that parents avoid the mattress if:

  • They are looking for a low-budgeted sleep option for their babies as the mattress is a little expensive.
  • They are looking for a waterproof mattress cover. The mattress does not include a waterproof cover, as most mattresses do.
  • They are looking for a latex-free foam option as the mattress contains the amount of latex used though it is natural and organic.

Comfort and Firmness

As the name predicts, the mattress is luxuriously comfortable for toddlers and infants. It has high-quality organic and natural materials with Ultra-premium 170 cotton-wrapped coils that provide ultimate support.

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The mattress offers different firmness levels for each side to suit both children’s needs. The bed has a relatively firmer side for infants until one year to provide the support a baby needs.

However, it uses a little more plush feeling for toddlers, which is still firm enough. In addition, it features a support layer of GOLS 100% certified organic latex. In addition, it also features cotton-wrapped coils with a reinforced fiber perimeter to support its edges.


The mattress delivers a serious knock of performance as it’s made using high-quality materials. Despite having two firm sides, it still can last for a more extended period without losing its shape or quality. Most importantly, all the materials in the mattress meet various health and safety standards. In addition, the cotton and wool are organic and natural, with a soft feeling to make your child sleep comfortably.

Moreover, the Dunlop latex in the mattress is far better than the Talalay latex and is an eco-friendly option. The cotton-wrapped coil system is high-grade and features a strip of wool between its coils that helps prevent noise and increases durability. The coils are of the finest and most durable quality that pair with master-level craftsmanship to remove any doubt in its long-term performance.

Is Avocado Crib a Good Mattress for Back Pain?

The Luxury Organic Hybrid Crib mattress is an excellent choice to support your little one’s back. Both the infant and toddler will get the firmness levels to keep their backs in a well-aligned position.

The mattress side sinks even less than 1 cm for infants, the best firmness level for their back position. For toddlers, it provides a plush feeling with enough firmness. Therefore, the baby won’t sink more than 3-4 cm, which is fine.

Sagging and Edge Support

Since the mattress has high-quality premium materials and considers most safety standards. Therefore, the mattress does not sag in the longer run. Moreover, the 170 cotton-wrapped coils system is durable and robust enough to provide comfort and contributes to firmer edge support. Thus, toddlers tend to roll while sleeping more often. They will find superior edge support through its coco-fibers with organic latex and additional coils.

Motion Isolation

The Avocado luxury crib mattress is handcrafted using master-class expertise. It starts with the Coco husk that encases the mattress support layers. A strip of organic wool helps increase not only its durability but also minimizes the noise. Therefore, even when your child changes position, it passes fewer disturbances underneath to cause sleep disruption.

Sleeping Position and Weight

Usually, babies, especially toddlers, tend to change position while sleeping. Therefore, they need a mattress that can support all sleeping kinds. Mostly, the infants are in the back sleeping position. Therefore, firmer support that won’t sink too deep into the mattress can work best for them. That is why there is a firmer side for the infant mattress to support their continuous growth through better and more comfortable sleep.

Moreover, since toddlers tend to change different positions, they have been given a softer feel to accommodate them well. This will help to support the many positions they change while sleeping all night.

Breathability and Heat Transfer

The mattress is luxurious enough, and there are many reasons for that. Its excellent breathability and coolness features are one of many other feature benefits. The mattress is made using organic cotton surfaces, coconut husk, and wool which are all highly breathable and promotes excellent airflow.

Due to that enormous breathability feature, the mattress helps in reducing the SIDS risk. Secondly, these materials help keep the mattress cool throughout the night to prevent them from sleeping hot. Moreover, it does not use any polyurethane foam core that can make the mattress extremely hot at night to make your bay hot and sweaty.


The Avocado crib mattress is highly durable as it uses high-quality materials in its construction. It does not use harmful or hazardous chemicals or materials. In addition, it has a 25 years warranty with a 100-night trial to support the mattress’s strong durability.

The coils are strong and layered with organic wool strips to add durability. Moreover, it has an organic hemp pad added below and above the support coils with an additional 1 inch of GOLS organic latex. They use 6 internal hand tufts instead of glue to enhance its durability further.

What is the Avocado Crib Mattress Made of?

The Avocado crib mattress is entirely made in the U.S. In its construction, you will find a husk structure, a coil layer of wool and cotton, and a transitional layer of organic flax pad. So the wool and cotton combination helps reduce noise and enhance its durability.

Extra organic cotton of six inches is added at the toddler’s side. This helps in providing cushioning to the mattress for more comfort and support.

It further has an additional layer of Dunlop latex in its construction. This latex is also certified 100% GOLS organic certified, which works to promote breathability and is cooler than memory foam. All the materials used in the mattress are 100% GOLS and GOTS certified and even pass OKEO-TEX standard 100 class 1 certification.

Is the Avocado Crib Mattress Flippable?

The Avocado crib mattress is flappable as it has two sides for an infant’s and toddler’s use.

Does the Mattress Come in a Box?

No, the mattress does not come packed and compressed in a box. However, it comes in a plastic bag at the delivery time.

Is the Mattress Usable with an Adjustable Base?

No, the crib mattresses are not usable with an adjustable base.

Is The Mattress Made in the USA?

Yes, the mattress is made in the USA.

Price Range

The mattress is only available in a 28 * 52” size that fits most baby cribs of standard size. The price is $1379.

Trial, Warranty, and Shipping

Checkout the below trial, shipping, and warranty policies of Avocado :

  • Trial:The trial period available is only for 100 nights.
  • Warranty:The crib mattress has a 25 years solid warranty.
  • Shipping:The shipping arrives within 1-3 business days of order placement.

Our Verdict

Apart from the only drawback of lacking a protection cover, the Avocado luxury organic hybrid mattress is an excellent choice for your little one’s healthy sleep. The mattress offers the best of both worlds and is suitable for your infant. It will continue supporting his growing toddler age with a plush soft feeling.

So, if you are using it for your infant, it offers a tightly quilted and firm 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton on base supports top with further coconut husk fiber and GOLS-certified organic latex. For the toddler, it has a coco-fiber perimeter paired with cotton-wrapped coils to ensure the best support is on its edges. Moreover, this side even features a GOLS 100% organic latex as a supportive layer.

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