11 Must-Have Tools for Content Optimization (2023)

11 Must-Have Tools for Content Optimization (1)

Content marketing is a widely recognized and effective strategy for driving traffic to websites and generating leads. That’s why so many online businesses invest tons of money into content production, and the amount of content that gets produced every day is staggering.

While there’s no way to calculate the exact amount, we can get an idea by analyzing some stats. For example, Chris Heald, the Chief architect at Mashable, one of the most visited blogs in the world, answered a Quora question several years ago of how many articles the site produces every day with an astonishing answer:

“The Mashable editorial staff produces around 100 articles/day.”

Let me emphasize: that’s only one site… By the way, thanks to the persistent effort, they’ve reached two million readers in just 18 months.

However, a persistent effort is not the only success ingredient here. Mashable’s content was successful also because it was properly optimized, e.g. it met Google’s requirements in terms of quality, readability, and consistency. The search giant has made it very clear that high-quality, optimized content is the must to entice webmasters to link to a site as well as attract many visitors.

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Since Google constantly updates the policies on content optimization, content producers have to follow the recommendations and adjust their websites and content accordingly. Clearly, this is a lot of work, but, fortunately, this is something that technology can help with.

In this article, I’m going to list ten content optimization tools that every content producer and marketer have to know about to be able to maximize the chance of ranking high in Google’s search results.

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Really Quick: What is Content Optimization?

“The term “Content Optimization” covers a range of techniques and strategies that seek to make content more actionable, helpful, and attractive to Google and other search engines,” explains Adam Byron, a content marketing specialist from Resumes Centre. “So, despite a popular opinion that content optimization targets readers/viewers, we need to optimize content for search engines to make it easy for them to find and rank it.”

After all, if Google doesn’t find it, people won’t be able to find it, either.

So what you should actually optimize to maximize the reach of your content? There’s plenty of factors here, so let’s move on to the tools that you can use to optimize them all in the right way.

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Text Optimizer

Do you want to know how Google perceives your text? If the answer is “no,” then Text Optimizer is the tool to use. Input the URL of your website and get access to the following data:

  • To search engines, your text is probably about… This section lists the keywords that play the most important role in defining how Google perceives the essence of your copy
  • Who is your text for? This is where the tool lists targeted readers and their principal goals
  • Format of your text. In this section, you can get insights into the richness of the text, the use of verbs, the number of sentences, their length, and get an overall formatting score
  • Missing words. The tool generates a list of keywords that it thinks you should add to improve its ability to rank.

For example, here’s a part of the report generated by Text Optimizer.

11 Must-Have Tools for Content Optimization (2)Thanks to the tool, you can get evidence-based information on how to expand your text, what keywords to use, and how to create more in-depth content, which Google loves.


If you need a reliable tool to research keywords and explore strategies of competitors, I suggest you use this one. Just type your domain and you’ll get tons of helpful data related to SEO (also I suggest you register to expand the number of free requests to ten, it’s quick and certainly worth it).

After you press “Start Now,” you’ll arrive at the dashboard packed with data (basically there are seven tabs to choose from: Overview, Organic Search, Backlinks, Advertising Research, PLA Research, Display Advertising, and Traffic Analysis). Here’s what you’ll find in the Overview section:

  • Organic search data
  • Paid search data
  • Top Backlinks
  • Display advertising
  • Organic keywords
  • Organic position distribution
  • Main organic competitors
  • Competitive positioning map
  • Top anchors
  • Many more.

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On top of that, you can also get access to useful keyword analytics; besides the general keyword analysis, check out SEMrush Magic Tool, too. It’s free to use and can generate the following useful insights: related long-tail keywords, volume, trends, results in SERP, and more.

For example, here’s the report on a keyword phrase “how to make espresso.”

11 Must-Have Tools for Content Optimization (3)

So if you need to do some serious keyword research to optimize your content, this is the tool to use. Remember that you can get 10 free requests per day, which is great if you’re on a budget for marketing research.

PageSpeed Insights

This one from Google is an absolute must-have because it evaluates the content on your page and makes suggestions on how to optimize it to make it load faster. Since 53 percent of mobile site users leave a page if it takes more than three seconds to load, optimizing for speed is simply essential.

Yes, it seems that an easy way to increase your website’s ability to convert and load faster has nothing to do with colorful CTAs or fancy keywords.

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11 Must-Have Tools for Content Optimization (4)Entering the location of your website and hitting the “Analyze” button will trigger the generation of a personalized report on factors that slow down your pages, along with the recommendations on how to address them properly. Read those recommendations carefully and review them to understand how to apply them.

Also, you’ll get the PageSpeed score. It ranges from 0 to 100 points. “If the score is higher than 85, it means that a website is well-optimized,” says Kristin Lott, an SEO specialist at Essaysupply.com and Resumes Expert. “On the other hand, a score lower than that requires you to do some optimization work.”

Don’t forget that you can also test your website for mobile-friendliness here, too. Since Google’s algorithms prioritize responsive websites, this factor is critical for proper SEO.

General Writing Tools

In this section, let’s review some of the tools that you can use to optimize your written content to ensure high readability, proper style, and lack of embarrassing grammar and spelling mistakes.

  • Plagiarism Checker from SeoToolStation. Plagiarism is an unacceptable practice that won’t be tolerated by both Google and your readers. Use an URL address or just paste the text you would like to check in the tool to get a report on the originality.
  • Canada Writers. According to Google’s John Muller, terrible English will cause visitors to lose trust in a website, which is something to be avoided. Canada Writers is a review website that can help you to check your grammar and get personalized assistance on content creation to ensure the highest quality of your texts.
  • Hemingway Editor. Internet users prefer articles that are easy to read and understand to get the most useful information as fast as possible. That’s exactly what Hemingway Editor can help you with, as it checks your text for complicated sentences, passive voice overuse, and makes style suggestions.
  • Get Good Grade. If you need a personalized report on your written content from a professional SEO writer, then check out this tool. They do academic, marketing, and common writing reports as well as keyword analysis to help get to the top of search engine results.
  • Keyword Density Checker. Gone are the days when you could stuff your texts with a lot of keywords and get ranked. To make sure that the keyword density of your written content is appropriate, give this free tool a try. Just paste a text or provide a URL and get a report within seconds.
  • com. When you’re ready to edit your content or improve it by adding more, use this tool to get professional assistance. Get such useful information as overused words, complex sentences, plagiarism, inappropriate word choice, style inconsistency and so on.
  • Title tag Optimizer. Title tags are important because they tell Google users what the page is all about. They appear as a link text in search results as well as at the top of the browser when the page is viewed; this tool can you with optimizing title tags (and meta descriptions, too!) in terms of length, keywords, and reader value.
  • Portent’s Content Idea Generator. This one is a cakewalk to use and can help to write keyword-optimized blog topics. Just insert a keyword or keyword combinations, and the tool generates numerous options for topics as well as their explanations to inspire you to make them even better. The tool also generates basic headline writing tips, which is also helpful.

Over to You

Seems like the content competition is not going anywhere anytime soon, so optimization is something that should be on the content producers’ and marketers’ priority list. This process is much more pleasurable and effective when you use tools like the ones I described here, so hopefully, you’ll give at least some of them a try to make your content more Google-friendly as well as more valuable to the readers.

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What is a content optimization tool? ›

SEO Content Optimization tools are designed to help bloggers, content creators, and website owners to research keywords, analyze competitors, optimize content for search, and improve existing content — to make it rank on Google.

Which tool is commonly used in optimization? ›

The Optimization tool solves linear programming (LP), mixed-integer linear programming (MILP), and quadratic programming (QP) optimization problems using matrix, manual, and file input modes. This tool uses the R tool.

How do I check content optimization? ›

How it works
  1. Submit your page. Enter the URL of the content you want to review and the keyword you want to optimize for.
  2. We analyze the top 10 results. We scan the top 10 search results for your keyword and identify what makes them great.
  3. Discover what is missing.

What is similar content? ›

SimilarContent (SC) is an SEO tool that helps writers, SEO freelancers, and content marketers to create SEO optimized content thats very likely to appear on the first page of Googles search results.

What tool is optimizing a website? ›

Yoast SEO is an easy-to-use tool for optimizing the on-page SEO on your website. It's a WordPress plugin which offers a traffic light system to ensure that you've correctly optimized your pages and posts. The first step is to install Yoast on your WordPress website and then activate it.

What are optimization techniques? ›

Optimization techniques are a powerful set of tools that are important in efficiently managing an enter- prise's resources and thereby maximizing share- holder wealth.

How do I optimize my website for SEO? ›

Follow these suggestions to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and watch your website rise the ranks to the top of search-engine results.
  1. Publish Relevant, Authoritative Content. ...
  2. Update Your Content Regularly. ...
  3. Metadata. ...
  4. Have a link-worthy site. ...
  5. Use alt tags.

How do you optimize a content strategy? ›

11 Steps to Building a Content Optimization Strategy
  1. Perform Keyword Research. ...
  2. Create Topic Clusters. ...
  3. Develop Content Benchmarks. ...
  4. Optimize Page Title, URL, and Headlines. ...
  5. Optimize Page Meta Description for Conversions. ...
  6. Optimize Image and Multimedia Content. ...
  7. Optimize the Content Body. ...
  8. Use "People Also Ask" to Drive More Traffic.
2 Dec 2021

Why do you need content optimization? ›

Through content optimization, you are providing essential data that search engines will use to determine what your content — and, by extension, your business — is all about. Search engines then use this information in the search results they display for relevant keyword terms or phrases.

Is Google Analytics a SEO tool? ›

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes. The service is part of the Google Marketing Platform and is available for free to anyone with a Google account.

How can I tell if content is SEO? ›

The SEMRush SEO Writing Assistant is a super helpful tool for checking your SEO for a piece of content. Just paste your content into the editor (or write it there) and then enter your focus keyword to get readability, SEO, tone of voice and originality suggestions.

How do I check my content quality? ›

Content Quality Check Step by Step
  1. What Does Quality Content Mean?
  2. Step 1: Check Your Quality Content Score.
  3. Step 2: Check Your Content for Originality.
  4. Step 3: Check Your Content for Grammar and Spelling.
  5. Step 4: Check Your Content for Brand Consistency.
  6. Step 5: Check Your Content for Reliable Sources.
13 Nov 2018

Does duplicate content Hurt SEO? ›

Is Duplicate Content Bad For SEO? Officially, Google does not impose a penalty for duplicate content. However, it does filter identical content, which has the same impact as a penalty: a loss of rankings for your web pages.

How do I fix duplicate content in SEO? ›

There are four methods of solving the problem, in order of preference:
  1. Not creating duplicate content.
  2. Redirecting duplicate content to the canonical URL.
  3. Adding a canonical link element to the duplicate page.
  4. Adding an HTML link from the duplicate page to the canonical page.
13 Dec 2021

What is content issue? ›

These issues relate to your content and how Google views it. Duplicate, thin, and slow content, for example, can negatively impact rankings. Content issues vary in severity, but resolving them may improve your site's ability to rank.

Which is a quantitative website Optimisation tool? ›

Here are a few quantitative website optimization tools to consider: Google Analytics. It's free and you probably already have it set up on your site. If you aren't including Google Analytics data in your testing decision-making process, you should be.

Which is the best company for SEO services? ›

Hire any of them, and you'll attract and convert visitors into leads and customers.
  • #1 Neil Patel Digital – Best For SEO Content Marketing. ...
  • #2 ReachLocal – Best For Local SEO. ...
  • #3 FATJOE – Best For Backlink Acquisition. ...
  • #4 OuterBox – Best for E-Commerce SEO. ...
  • Experience and Processes for Implementing SEO Services.

What are the three elements of optimization? ›

Every optimization problem has three components: an objective function, decision variables, and constraints. When one talks about formulating an optimization problem, it means translating a “real-world” problem into the mathematical equations and variables which comprise these three components.

What is the best optimization algorithm? ›

Gradient Descent is the most basic but most used optimization algorithm. It's used heavily in linear regression and classification algorithms. Backpropagation in neural networks also uses a gradient descent algorithm.

What are the types of optimization? ›

Optimization Problem Types
  • Convex Optimization versus Nonconvex Optimization.
  • Continuous Optimization versus Discrete Optimization. ...
  • Unconstrained Optimization versus Constrained Optimization. ...
  • Deterministic Optimization versus Stochastic Optimization.

Can I do SEO on my own? ›

You can absolutely do SEO yourself or DIY SEO (Do It Yourself SEO). With some research and lots of practice, anyone can learn how to do SEO for their business. A quick way to get started with SEO is to enter your URL here and then focus your SEO efforts on the recommended action items.

What are the 3 main features of a quality backlink? ›

The Three Levels of Backlinks

In Google's eyes, there are three levels of backlinks: low-quality, medium-quality, and high-quality. Strictly speaking, Google classifies low-quality backlinks as webspam.

What is a SEO content strategy? ›

An SEO strategy is the process of organizing a website's content by topic to improve the likelihood of appearing in search results. Essentially, it is the process you follow in order to maximize the opportunity to gain organic traffic from search engines.

How do you optimize social media content? ›

How to Optimize Social Media
  1. Identify Your Social Media Goals. ...
  2. Fill Out Your Profiles in Their Entirety. ...
  3. Use Hashtags. ...
  4. Create Valuable Content That Solves Your Followers' Problems. ...
  5. Use Images. ...
  6. Include Calls-to-Action. ...
  7. Use Attention-Grabbing Headlines. ...
  8. Be Active on Social Media Sites That Add Value to Your Business.

What are the keys to content optimization Linkedin? ›

So when we think about content optimization, keep in mind that we're optimizing our content so that it benefits both users and search engines. And the two key concepts to focus on are tight, relevant themes and building trust.

What is optimization digital marketing? ›

What is Digital Optimization? Digital optimization is the process through which digital technology is used to improve existing operating processes and business models. In the past few years, companies have begun to embrace digital marketing optimization techniques like never before.

What is key content? ›

(video games) A downloadable content file that unlocks items, characters, levels, or other content that was included with a video game but not immediately accessible (if at all through normal gameplay).

Why content optimization is important for SEO? ›

Quality Content Helps You Generate Backlinks - One of the best SEO strategies is to gain high-quality backlinks from high-authority websites. For Google, high-quality backlinks indicate credibility and trust. The more quality backlinks you have, the higher you are likely to rank on Google.

What is in a content strategy? ›

Content strategy is the high-level planning, execution, governance, and on-going management of the content lifecycle to support key business initiatives. Essentially, it's your brand's game plan to drive traffic, leads, engagement, sales, and other business outcomes through content.

How do I become Google SEO certified? ›

To become a certified user, you need to go to the Skillshop website and pass the Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam.

Is Google ads part of SEO? ›

A PPC ad solution like Google Ads doesn't have the same results as SEO and won't improve your organic search rankings. Instead, Google Ads can help you display your ads to potential customers, at the exact moment they're searching for a business like yours.

What is SEO keyword? ›

Your SEO keywords are the keywords and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines. A website that is well optimized for search engines “speaks the same language” as its potential visitor base with keywords for SEO that help connect searchers to your site.

What are the steps you perform for optimization? ›

How to Optimize your Website for SEO in 8 Simple Steps
  • Analyze all of your website data. ...
  • Conduct thorough keyword research. ...
  • Produce long and value-rich content. ...
  • Optimize for on-page SEO. ...
  • Optimize for off-page SEO. ...
  • Optimize the website for mobile. ...
  • Speed up the pages. ...
  • Get quality backlinks.
6 Aug 2021

What is optimization rule? ›

Optimization Rules allow you to create specific exceptions to your bids in order to increase impressions that are performing towards your KPI and to decrease/eliminate those that are not.

How can I SEO my html website? ›

SEO Basics
  1. Sign up for Google Analytics and Search Console. ...
  2. Build High-Quality Backlinks. ...
  3. Create High-Quality Content. ...
  4. Create an Accessible Website. ...
  5. Structure Your Website Properly.

Which is better SEO or PPC? ›

We've seen that SEO click-through rates are higher than PPC, meaning that it has the potential to drive significantly higher volumes of organic traffic your way. In addition, your cost per acquisition (CPA) is going to be much lower using SEO than PPC.

Which is the best tool for keyword research for SEO in 2022? ›

The best free keyword research tool for advanced SEO

Semrush offers a broad range of keyword research tools, too, from the standard traffic and search volume data to content-driven keyword research and competitive keyword gap analysis.

Is UX important for SEO? ›

UX (user-experience design) is now a vital aspect of SEO (search engine optimization). Search engines no longer evaluate web pages on keyword use alone. Instead, a website must understand user intent and provide a rich user experience to rank highly in organic search engine results.

Why is content optimization important? ›

Content optimization is important because it ensures search engines and users can understand your content easily. The benefits of content optimization are high quality, search engine-friendly content that is easy to use and easy to find.

What are the keys to content optimization Linkedin? ›

So when we think about content optimization, keep in mind that we're optimizing our content so that it benefits both users and search engines. And the two key concepts to focus on are tight, relevant themes and building trust.

What is technical SEO for a website? ›

Technical SEO refers to website and server optimizations that help search engine spiders crawl and index your site more effectively (to help improve organic rankings).

How can you optimize your presence on social media? ›

Things Every Social Media Platform Should Include
  1. Bio. The necessity of having a bio for your profile is clear but there are a few tips to keep in mind when writing your information. ...
  2. Link to Website. ...
  3. Optimized Posting Schedule. ...
  4. Varied Content. ...
  5. Call to Action. ...
  6. Performance Monitoring.
20 Oct 2021

How do you optimize content marketing? ›

How to Optimize Your Content Marketing Strategy
  1. Refine Your Buyer Persona. Creating content requires you to understand who your audience is. ...
  2. Research or the Best Target Keywords. ...
  3. Write Better Content. ...
  4. Promote Content to the Right Channels. ...
  5. Track and Measure Your Progress.
8 Feb 2018

What is optimization strategy? ›

Optimization strategy is used to search and optimize the transform parameters for the maximization of the similarity value between the warped source image and the target image.

How do I optimize my LinkedIn profile 2022? ›

20 steps to a better LinkedIn profile in 2022
  1. Choose the right profile picture for LinkedIn. ...
  2. Add a background photo. ...
  3. Make your headline more than just a job title. ...
  4. Turn your summary into your story. ...
  5. Declare war on buzzwords. ...
  6. Grow your network. ...
  7. List your relevant skills. ...
  8. Spotlight the services you offer.

Does SEO work for LinkedIn? ›

LinkedIn SEO works the same way SEO works on your website. Strategically placed keywords throughout your profile helps you get found by the LinkedIn search algorithm and rank you at the top of search results.

What is the LinkedIn algorithm? ›

The LinkedIn algorithm determines a user's interests based on the groups, pages, hashtags, and people they follow. If your post mentions topics or companies that align with a user's interest, well… that's very good news! According to LinkedIn's Engineering blog, the algorithm also looks at a few other factors.

What is SEO checklist? ›

On-page SEO checklist. On-page SEO is the process of optimizing the actual content on your page. It includes optimizations made to visible content and content in the source code.

What are the latest SEO techniques? ›

8 tips to build an effective SEO strategy in 2022
  • Write for humans first and search engines second. ...
  • Use targeted keywords in all the right places. ...
  • Focus on user experience (UX) ...
  • Focus on building relevant links. ...
  • Format content for Featured Snippets. ...
  • Remove anything that slows down your site.
5 Mar 2021

How do I master technical SEO? ›

The first major step in establishing a technical SEO strategy is setting up your website correctly so every page functions as it should. Google (and other search engines) crawls this file to understand your site better. This is a simplistic XML sitemap that includes the location of a singular URL.

What are the 4 main ways you optimize a social account? ›

Here are five easy ways you can optimize your social profiles today for better results.
  • Clarify Your Brand Name. ...
  • Upload A High-Quality Profile Picture. ...
  • Update Your Bio With Relevant Information. ...
  • Use Hashtags. ...
  • Link To Your Website. ...
  • Back To You.
18 Sept 2020

What are the top 5 10 tips to keep in mind when creating a digital presence? ›

10 Tips for Building a Social Media Presence
  • Use Consistent Photos, Headshots, and Logos. ...
  • Let the World Know You're on Social Media. ...
  • Create and Share Industry-Adjacent Content. ...
  • Create a Schedule and Post Content Regularly. ...
  • Make the Most of Visual Content. ...
  • Cross Promote Content Across All Channels. ...
  • Don't Be Afraid to Advertise.

What is profile optimization? ›

An optimization profile is an XML document that contains optimization guidelines for one or more Data Manipulation Language (DML) statements.


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